Genevieve has over 15 years of business, accounting and CFO experience in public and private accounting. She attended Mt. Hood College in Northern Oregon. There she obtained her bachelor’s degree in business and accounting. She began her career as a CFO/Owner with two small startups, focusing on management, financial well being and the company’s potential growth. In addition, she consulted small-to-medium businesses in their day to day operations and accounting needs. This allowed her to gain several years’ experience and knowledge, all while holding a position as a CFO for her startups.

Growing up, Genevieve gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Real Estate and Mortgage industry. To this day, her parents own a very successful Real Estate firm, allowing her venture into a new line of business. Here she learned the ins and outs of the Real Estate world, all while utilizing her financial background. For several years, Genevieve worked for two large mortgage brokerages as CFO during the height of the mortgage industry. She was responsible for overseeing a full staff accounting department. During this time, she initiated and was responsible for all aspects of the financials – from the month to month reporting to the year end. Her extensive experience only blossomed further as she then followed in her Father’s footsteps and became a Mortgage Broker.

After a significant amount of years in the mortgage industry, Genevieve moved on to a new startup construction company. Here she used her full financial background to strategically take this company from startup to National. Using her talents, she successfully developed a solid business model. Her main focus was to convert one company into four and procure the purchase of a National franchise. As CFO, she acquired private capital and did just that. All while implementing the business infrastructure and immersing herself into the franchise world – her knowledge and expertise only grew further. Before moving on, Genevieve was able to take this very successful franchise from $1 Million to a $10 Million in just a few short years.

Most recently her expertise, has brought her back to Southern California, where she was born and raised. Here she dove into the entertainment world by providing consulting, business planning and accounting services. Genevieve has consistently delivered an excellent level of service to her clients. As with most CFO’s, Genevieve is conscientious and extremely detail-oriented. She takes great pride in her proficiency and meticulous work-ethic. Over the years, she has prepared both personal and business tax returns – all of varying levels of complexity. She has mastered the elements necessary to properly guide her clients in every aspect of their business and financial lives.

Genevieve’s full career in accounting, has allowed her to excel both professionally and personally. Over the years her financial accounting, business consulting, management skills and excellent knowledge has allowed her to acquire an extensive network.

Genevieve believes that no business, client or problem is too small or large; there are no unimportant questions and there is always a solution for every situation.

Genevieve is proud to say this new venture is a dream come true. Not only for herself, but for her family. She is the wife of a very talented musician and together they have paved the way to achieving their goals. Together they are a driven force, not only for themselves, but to become the best role models they can be for their son.